Please! Help Me Lose Weight!

Does this scenario sound vaguely familiar?

It’s Monday morning and you wake up completely excited about starting the new diet and exercise program that you spent the weekend reading about. You’re done having trouble losing weight! “Finally,” you think, “I found the answer to help me lose weight!” You have a meal plan and an exercise plan, you’re provisioned for the week – it’s GO TIME! And you do it. You eat the right things at the right times, you bypass temptation, you exercise according to your plan – you are feeling GREAT! Absolutely no trouble losing weight … yet.

The following Monday morning you wake up armed and ready for week #2. You get on the scales and see that you lost 3 pounds during the first week. “YES!” you say to yourself, “I found THE answer to help me lose weight!” You do the Weight-Loss Happy Dance around the bathroom and head off motivated to tackle week 2.

This may go on for week, maybe even months, but over time your resolve begins to slip. Maybe you eat things that are not on your plan because “just one bite can’t hurt and I’ve been SO good for SOOO long.” Maybe you justify sleeping in on a day you’re supposed to go to the gym because of a project at work or because you just don’t feel like it. Maybe you just don’t think you need help losing weight any longer. Over time, these subtle acts of self-sabotage cause the lost pounds to creep back, leaving you right back where you started – or in even worse shape. Once again, you’re having trouble losing weight.

Why does this happen over and over again? Is it just a function of a lack of self control? Is it a lack of willpower? Are some people just destined to be fat? No! No, No No, NO!! It’s not about willpower or genetics in the vast majority of cases or even the diet program you were following to help lose weight – it’s your PROGRAMMING in your HEAD. Much like a computer hard-drive, your subconscious mind has been programmed with a lot of junk about what your body should look like, what you should be eating and drinking daily, what you should be doing instead of exercising –all junk that’s normally been passed down from other people in your life that you had very little to do with installing.

Release empowers you with the “why” and the “how” of wiping your hard-drive clean of all those self-destructive programs that are holding you back from achieving the thing you want in life – in any area of your life, really.

If you’ve read diet book after diet book and tried plan after plan just to end up right back at “Square One” over and over again, pick up a copy of Release today.

Over the next weeks and months, you learn to use your own “mind power” – the incredible power of your subconscious mind – to literally create the self-image of the person you want to be. Day by day, you’ll begin to recognize the “junk” in your head about your body and your eating and exercise habits. Finally, you’re going to begin to understand why you’ve really had trouble losing weight all these years. And with that recognition, you can begin to CHANGE the program. This time – and maybe for the first time in your life – you’ll come to understand that YOU are the one in charge of the “programming” you want to have in your head about your diet, eating and exercise.

Once you begin to insert your own “software,” so to speak, you’re going to find that your body begins to change in that direction … your cravings for support of that new body image begin to change … and your former thoughts of exercise that used to sabotage your heightened efforts are no longer in control.

Understand now why Release is the last “diet” plan you’ll ever need?