The Surprising Secret to the Diet Help You Need

Did you know that according to the American Medical Association, two-thirds of the adult population of United States is either overweight or clinically obese? That’s 2 out of every 3 people – and the last time we checked there were more than 65,000 “diet tip” books for the choosing on – all promising diet help with a path to quick, easy, sustainable (you pick the adjective) weight loss.

So, what’s the problem? Why aren’t all these millions of people losing weight and keeping it off for a lifetime?

There’s all this great information out there offering every possible diet tip and new exercise to burn calories, yet Americans keep getting fatter and fatter. And 95% of those who do manage to lose weight will regain every lost pound (and often more) within one year, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

With such a dismal track record, why on earth would we waste our time writing yet another “diet tips” book?

Very simply, Release is not “Diet Help Book #65,001” – it’s really not a “diet” book at all, although it does give you a plan to start with since most people need a launching point. Rather, Release focuses on the Mind-Body-Spirit connection – how the power of your mind literally shapes the way the body you live in looks. You see, you hold a picture in your subconscious mind this very moment that shows what you believe you are capable of and what your limitations are. It controls everything in your life – how much money you earn, what kind of people you attract into your life, how you treat others and yes, whether you are fat or thin!

Read This Book Excerpt from Release:

The way your self-image operates can be compared to a thermostat in your home. You set the thermostat to keep the house at a nice, comfortable 70?F. It doesn’t really matter what the temperature is outside, the house stays at 70?. Your self-image regarding your weight… operates in a very similar fashion. You decide you want to release the excess weight on your body, so you start a new nutrition and fitness program (a “diet”) and you follow it to the letter for the first week. You eat exactly the way the plan prescribes and you work out when and how the plan tells you to and you get to the end of the week and get on the scales and see you have indeed reduced your weight by a few pounds.

You may go along like this for weeks or months and continue to drop weight, but if you haven’t addressed your self-image – if you haven’t changed the thermostat – you will very subtly begin to sabotage your progress. Maybe you justify eating something that is not on your meal plan because you’ve been so good for so long – surely just this one time won’t hurt anything, and then that one time becomes an all day binge or the one day becomes a whole week. Or, perhaps you justify a “cheat” and then beat yourself up because you were weak. Then you convince yourself that you’ve blown your diet, so you may as well just quit and start over again on Monday. Slowly but surely your weight begins to climb and in the sum total of things you end up back where you started or with a few extra pounds added in just for good measure. Does that sound familiar?

Release focuses on the process of recreating your self-image to be in alignment with the weight goals you set for yourself. Then, it goes on to arm you with the tools you need to make the change permanent. Release truly does offer the missing piece in the puzzle of real and permanent weight loss.