Deb Cheslow: Leading Corporate Keynote Speaker

Deb Cheslow Leading Corporate Keynote Speaker

Deb Cheslow: Leading Corporate Keynote Speaker

When you become the best-selling author of a revolutionary book on weight loss, and when you become the leader of a worldwide movement in “releasing” weight, how do you find the time to be a leader in corporate motivational and effectiveness training, too?

For Deb Cheslow, it doesn’t matter what the agenda calls for each day. She might be speaking at a podium in front of 1,000-person corporation, or she might be coaching a small group of people who have committed to her Release Plan Dare Challenge for weight loss. Whatever the audience and whatever the environment, Deb Cheslow is about one thing: Changing people’s lives at the core foundation of where they live.

Deb Cheslow isn’t about hype and trendy topics. That’s not what works. What Deb Cheslow teaches in her unique angle and understanding of the human mind, may seem extraordinarily new but is, in fact, the oldest wisdom on record: “You are what you think.”

Sounds simple, yes, but so few people understand and live from the truth of the true power of their minds. After years of success in the military and corporate worlds, Deb Cheslow decided to spend time figuring out WHY she succeeded. Now, years later, she understands why the same “mind” solution applies to weight loss, relationships, income earning and corporate success. She’s since devoted her life to teaching other people this truth.

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