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Triathlon Training – Week 2


Triathlon Training – Week 2 was great for all three of us!

fb-profile-bomberDeb’s Update:  Swimming with the Masters group at the Port Orange YMCA is pretty humbling!  Most of these people are either triathletes or ex-swimmers of some stature, so I was really jumping into the lion’s den when I joined this group.  Actually, I’m kind of glad I didn’t know this before I signed up – I may have decided not to.  Coach Lochte is very good and runs a tight practice.  He told me that there was A LOT wrong with my freestyle stroke and that we would break it down and focus on issues each practice.  He sent me out to buy goggles, fins, a snorkel and paddles, so off the family went last Saturday to Sports Authority to get my new gear.  Many dollars later, I walked out with all the required stuff.  Unfortunately, when I got to the pool on Monday I was told that it was all wrong – except for the goggles and the snorkel (I think – we haven’t really used it yet).  Soooo, back to the store to get the correct stuff.

Last Monday, I also headed up to Ormond Beach to do an ocean water swim clinic with Team Red, White and Blue but when I got there they had cancelled the practice because the current was too strong, the waves were too big and there were jellyfish everywhere.  So, I had a chance to talk to some of my fellow swimmers.  OH MY!!!  Talk about over-achievers – LOTS of heavy duty endurance athletes in this group – ironman triathletes, marathoners, century riders, long distance open water swimmers -again, I’m feeling just the slightest bit intimidated, but it’s a great group of people.

Wednesday, after discovering that I had indeed purchased the right stuff this time, I felt some improvement.  I swam a PR of 2,000m in an hour (although I did have fins on) and while I was not able to totally keep up with the others, I wasn’t lagging a full set behind.  I am optimistic!!

Workouts:  (M):  1800m swim; (T) 50 min upper body weightlifting/60 min karate; (W) 2000m swim; (Th) 45 min lower body weights/60 min karate; (F) 1500m swim; (Sa) 45 min bike

Cathy Kirkham - Bike

Cathy Kirkham – Bike

Cathy’s Update:  Quite a fun week on the bicycle!  I have done several 7 mile interval or sprint rides – wow !  They are exhilarating but oh gosh are they tiring – for now!  I am building building building!  Last Saturday I went for a leisure ride – 22 miles, I rode from Port Orange to Ormond Beach, I popped in on a friend unannounced – I had the shakes – realized that I had not brought a snack, OH NO –  WAY glad that she had some peanut butter and oranges! I ran into several little jags of sprinkles, several pot holes, LOTS of blaring horns – Saturday was a busy traffic day.  Tried to adjust my speedometer so that it wouldn’t rattle (while riding) not a smart idea – shattered to smithereens, bike store here I come.  I am so FUSSY about knowing what I am doing every mile, how long did it take, could I make it next interval cycle x far…without it is odd.

I have to share a couple of things… First remember my bike short dilemma …WELL  I got my bike SKORTS!!! (who knew) early this week.  Holy cow what a difference a skort makes. J  It felt incredible to have my tush with a little padding wheehhh.  Also I told you that my speedometer was smashed to smithereens… I took my bike to the shop and not only did it get a new heartbeat but also a throat.  Seems that the bike was a little long for me. Making it uncomfortable for long distances to “lay” on the handle bars, shorter throat easier and more comfortable to take a nap during my rides.   Who am I kidding a nap! I would miss all the fun things that I see in my travels, bolts, screws, an occasional dirty diapers, kids shoes, ADULT shoes, funny – how can you lose a shoe on the road???

I feel great and I know that I am building to be a kick butt bicycle leg of the Deb Cheslow Olympic Length Tri team!

Angie Flynn - Run

Angie Flynn – Run

Angie’s Update: I felt like I made some break throughs with my running this week.  Firstly, last Saturday I ran over 5 miles for – I’m pretty sure – the first time in my life!  In fact, I maxed out my normal running loop.  I have to tell on myself… I came back from that run and mapped it out and said to Deb, “Well, I guess I’ll just have to start running the loop and backtracking parts of it to add to my mileage.”  She just shook her head at my pathetically illogical thought process and said, “Angie, why don’t you just turn left off our street and run north for a bit – just make the LOOP bigger.”  Huh… it never even occurred to me to turn LEFT – go figure!  D’oh!!!

So this week’s runs were M:  4.8 mi, W:  4.0 mi; F:  5.5 mi and Sa: (drum roll please) 6.14 mi – I actually completed the 10K distance in 1 hour on the nose.  Now I have 9 weeks to make my time better – that’s exciting!!

Deb and I have been doing an Herbal Cleanse for the past 8 days – and I really feel great!  Lots of energy, sleeping better, running better, recovering better.  I’ll post a blog about the Cleanse when we’re finished.

All in all, a great training week for Team Deb Cheslow Consulting.