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Triathlon Training – Weeks 3 and 4


Oops – I missed posting last week, so here is our triathlon training update for weeks 3 and 4!

Deb’s Update:  I am having a great time swimming with the gang at the Port Orange fb-profile-bomberYMCA Masters Group.  I feel like I am really starting to make some progress.  My 1 hour swims started at around 1,200 meters and I am now routinely swimming 2,300-2,600 meters at each workout.  Coach Steve is working with me and, although I still have a long way to go, he says I am getting better!

Tonight will be my first ocean swim in a few weeks.  Team RWB didn’t swim on Labor Day (I think they ran a half-marathon or something over in Orlando instead 🙂 ) and last Monday I was feeling under the weather.  I am looking forward to getting back out into the ocean!


Week 3:  (M) 45 min bike (Labor Day); (T) 45 min weightlifting/1 hour karate; (W) 1 hour swim; (Th) 45 min weightlifting/1 hour karate; (F) 1 hour swim; (Sa) 45 min bike; (Su) Rest


BTH_Tri-4Week 4:  (M) 1 hour swim; (T) Rest; (W) 1 hour swim; (Th) 45 min weightlifting/30 min karate; (F) 1 hour swim; (Sa) 45 min weightlifting/2 hour karate weapons seminar; (Su) Rest

Cathy Kirkham - Bike

Cathy Kirkham – Bike

Cathy’s Update: 

Week 3:  Vacation and a short work week, gave me justification for not having time to train… I did get a few sporadic rides in but not full blown training rides.  Today (Saturday), however, I trained!  I rode an hour and it is funny the things that I learned as I rode.

#1 – No matter how long I keep my bike Skorts on – it does not mean I am training… :0

#2- It is easy for us to make excuses or let our logic tell us to either a) not do something or b) stop mid way of our goal … Case in point.   My goal this morning was to ride a 1 hour ride, averaging around 15 miles per hour.  I took a route that I thought would put me at around an hour,  off I go…  when I get close to my home I realize that I am only 35 minutes into my ride, INSTANTLY I thought oh good – I can go home and do x, or I can do y… Almost grumpily (as if, someone else was FORCING me to do this) – I pulled myself back to my original plan…Riding for an hour.  So I extended my course – again getting close to home ahead of my hour – another extension… I DID IT!  I rode 14.58 miles in 59 minutes,  an average of 14.8 mph.

#3 –I love training and I love the feeling of COMPLETING my goal!

As I move back into solid training, my goal is to get comfortable in that hour.  Get cozy on the bike, learn how to do the little things – take a drink while moving, lay down on the aerobars comfortably – without the weeble wobble – AND miss that daggone “Shoot the Monkey” dip on Nova!!!

Week 4:  My Week 3 GOAL – Back into regular training, 1 hour rides everyday this week, get comfortable on the bike…

OK – sooooo I did not get the 1 hour rides in everyday which was my original plan – again that too busy mentality struck me.  However I did get in 1 hour rides over half the week, and it does feel amazing!

Why is it that we set a plan and then, the “I’m too busy-ies,” the “I don’t have time-s,” and the “oh gosh I can’t take time for ME,” decide to creep in (I must set my creep meter to dispel these!!!)

I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of comfort I have gained in my rides.  I am getting much more comfortable lying across the handlebars and I can drink while moving!!  My speed is increasing a little… which is an added bonus! 🙂

Angie Flynn - Run

Angie Flynn – Run

Angie’s Update:  It’s been a good couple of weeks running.

Week 3:  I finished up the MapMyFitness Beginner 10K training program and ran – yep, you guessed it – a 10K!  Not a real live times, official 10K, but I did indeed tun 6.2 miles.  In fact, when I plotted my last long run in MapMyFitness, I actually ran 6.9 miles!  ALMOST half a half-marathon!!! 🙂

My left knee has been bothering me.  It feels swollen inside when I run longer runs.  So, I made an appointment with my favorite chiropractor, Dr. James Young at Port Orange Chiropractic – he is DA BOMB!!  Some stretching, some ultrasound therapy and some kinesio-tape and I felt brand new.

Workouts:  (M) 4.2 mi Run; (T) 45 min weightlifting/1 hour karate; (W) 4.2 mi Run; (Th) 45 min weightlifting/1 hour karate; (F) 4.75 mi Run; (Sa) 6.9 mi Run; (Su) Rest

Week 4:  I actually started the half marathon training program for the Disney Princess Half Marathon this week.  I got ambitious since I have been running quite a bit over the past several months and decided to train according to the intermediate training program, rather than the beginner plan.  I may live to regret that decision.

I also learned about something called the Galloway Method for running.  It’s a run/walk method designed by Jeff Galloway who wanted to see runners (including himself) be able to run well into their old age without injury.  I started running this way on Saturday, 9/7, and it has really made a huge difference in my run and my recovery!  I’ve also added some supplements by AdvoCare:  Spark, Catalyst, BioCharge, and BioTune – The Spark is just a miracle for me (and Josh – but that’s another blog for another day).

I had some scheduling issues this week so I actually had to run my longer run in the evening.  I learned something – I NEVER want to run at 5:30pm in 90F heat ever, EVER again!  It was AWFUL!  But, I did it!

I am learning that there is absolutely nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it.  That’s a very empowering feeling!

Workouts:  (M) 45 min Run (4.6 mi); (T) Off; (W) 45 min Run (4.68 mi); (Th) 45 min weightlifting/30 min karate; (F) 5 mi Run (56:08); (Sa) 45 min weightlifting/ 2 hour karate weapons seminar; (Su) Rest


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