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Step #1: Don’t Skip Breakfast


So you want to turn back the hands of time and transform your body to the lean, mean, nutrition and calorie processing machine it was when you were a teenager, eh?

Step #1 is very simple – DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST!

Whatever you do, you should be eating within 30 minutes of rising every single day – unless you are exercising within 30 minutes of rising and then you should eat within 30 minutes of finishing your workout.

Eating breakfast breaks the night time fast and sets your body up to burn fat throughout the day.

Did you know that skipping breakfast is a technique that sumo wrestlers use to gain weight around their mid-section?Sumo-Wrestlers-Photos-18


When you skip breakfast – or go too long between meals – the hunger pangs you feel in your stomach are produced by a hormone called grelin.

And grelin makes your body produce cortisol and insulin, which are fat-storage hormones.

Cortisol in particular promotes the storage of fat around your middle, hence the reason sumo wrestlers do it.

So, you are not doing yourself any favors at all by skipping meals – especially breakfast!