It Takes Time!

4-weeksIt can be discouraging when you first start a new nutrition and exercise plan and you work so hard and no one seems to notice.  You feel like maybe it’s not working because even YOU can’t really see a big difference and then one day you easily pull on a pair of jeans that required you to lie down on the bed to zip up only a month earlier.

Change takes time and remember – what other people think about you is none of your business.

Actually, other people aren’t thinking about you at all because they are too worried about what YOU think of THEM to even give you a second thought.

That being the case, is it any wonder that you have to undergo major transformation before the rest of the world suddenly says, “What’s different about you.  OMG, did you lose weight?”

Then of course they want to know how you did it so fast! (insert eye roll here)

So give yourself a break and give yourself the time needed to change.  Keep going!