Free Week is Over – Lessons Learned

todonothingFree Week is over and, as ever, it was a wonderful mental and physical break and there were many lessons learned – or at least reaffirmed.

I always get all freaky leading up to Free Week and worry that I won’t be able to control myself and I’ll gain 15 pounds in 7 days, but that has never happened and it didn’t this time either.

In fact, I am really proud of the way I chose to eat during the past 8 days.

The whole point of Free Week is to spike your calories (to give your metabolism a jolt, lest it get too comfortable with business as usual), to take a mental break (no dietary restrictions, permission to indulge in foods that you may be craving, time off from counting and measuring and balancing) and to take a physical break (to alleviate any overtraining symptoms, to give your body a full week to recoup from any achy niggles, to get plenty of rest and recharge for the upcoming 4 months).

I accomplished all of this on my Free Week.

I feel awesome!  I am ready to dive head-first into 2014 and create some incredible things, personally and professionally.

custom_1286555358292_awesomeMy Free Week eating was actually quite good.  I had treats, for sure, but I also ate a lot of fruit, I had plenty of frozen meal replacement shakes with bananas and peanut butter, we had fish and chicken as our protein choices most nights, we only ate out once (Deb and I went to Joe’s Crab Shack for crab dip and we only ate about 1/3 of the appetizer before we were over it – now THAT, my friends, is a FIRST!!!).

christmas cookiesSo, Free Week lessons learned:

  1. I can take a week off from structured eating and exercise and not immediately revert to flab.
  2. Taking time off from exercise is important every once in a while and doing so does not mean all discipline flies out the window.  I WILL start exercising again!
  3. I sleep so much better with some built in breaks.
  4. It is, in fact, possible to enjoy a free week without alcohol (who knew?).
  5. It is , in fact, impossible to eat your weight in Christmas cookies (Lord knows I gave it my best shot)

Yesterday was first day back to work, exercise, and structured eating.

After a Free Week, I do a “24-Day Challenge,” which consists of a cleanse and then 14 days of super clean eating and supplementation.  It is a great way to clean out all the junk and get my engine humming along at maximum efficiency.

Of course, I had to hop on the scale yesterday (EEK!!), and I was happy to see that Free Week did not wreak TOO much havoc.

Here are Day 1 stats:
Weight:  147.8 lbs.
Body Fat %:  23.2%
Body Water %:  52.5%
Muscle Mass:  107.8 lbs
Physique Rating:  6
BMR:  1496 calories
Metabolic Age:  23 (WOOT)
Bone Mass: 5.8
Visceral Fat: 4

(Measured on a Tanita Ironman Body Composition Scale)

I’ll post progress results on Day 11 and then again on Day 25.

Okay, let’s ROCK 2014!!!