About the Authors

Deb Cheslow

As an Air Force Instructor Pilot teaching airmen to fly advanced supersonic jets and a 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Karate, Deb Cheslow teaches how to reach goals that most people dream of yet few ever achieve – she gets RESULTS THAT COUNT!

Deb is not your typical motivational speaker; she over-delivers with motivation backed by sustainable results. Her entertaining and engaging style, packed with powerful ideas, leaves audiences not only motivated to reach their goals, but also equipped with the tools they need to get the job done. Deb teaches people how to bridge the gap between “information” and “action.”

Best-selling author, speaker and corporate trainer, Deb Cheslow, considers it her mission to spread the message that a life of joy and abundance is attainable for anyone. Deb is known for her no-nonsense, direct approach. She believes audiences want, expect and deserve their speaker to be up front and honest about what works and what doesn’t work. She guides companies worldwide in bridging the gap between the information they already possess and the actions they take on that knowledge (She calls it “The Information-Action Gap.”).

Angie Flynn

Angie Flynn is the embodiment of the old adage “Life begins at 40.” At age 45, Angie realized that she was a supporting character in her life, not the star of the show. There was no “intention” in her life, no direction – life was just happening around her and she was falling apart – mentally, financially, spiritually and physically.

With a young son to care for, Angie Flynn knew something had to change – and in a BIG way. Enter Deb Cheslow, who introduced Angie to the concepts that they both now teach. In short order, Angie learned how to engage in the creative process to actively take control of her life. She learned how to break free from the limitations she placed on herself in her own mind, embrace the change that was necessary for her to Be, Do and Have what she really wanted in her life, and create a life that she LOVES. In a very short span of time, Angie was using this power to create an entirely new self-image and to overcome the life-long patterns that were keeping her from claiming her rightful place, center stage, in a life of her choosing.

It is Angie’s professional passion to share this information by creating tools to help others create the lives that, up till now, they may have only dared to dream about. As co-author of the Simple Success Solutions series of books, Angie shares her individual experiences and those of many clients by offering a dynamic, action-oriented process for taking you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Deb Cheslow and Angie Flynn live in Ponce Inlet, Florida with their family. They are authors of the bestselling book and companion workbook, The Simple Success Solution; the book, Overcome Dysthymia – Break Free and Create the Life You Love; and their latest sensation, Release: The Simple Success Solution For Real and Permanent Weight Loss. They share a passion for the martial arts, endurance cycling, health and wellness, and are avid weightlifters.