Diets Don’t Work – They Never Have and They Never Will!

Diets Don’t Work! They Never Have and They Never Will!

Weight Loss Programs Don’t Work

Did you know …

  • 95% of people who start a weight loss program regain all their lost weight (and more) within one year?
  • Giving up your favorite foods and restricting calories can actually cause weight gain?
  • Most diet plans and weight loss programs set you up to fail?
  • Imagine if you could shed those extra pounds and get off the diet rollercoaster FOREVER…
  • Imagine if it were okay to eat more and actually give in to your food cravings…
  • Imagine if you could spend every day eating what you want, when you want, loving life in a body you’re proud of.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it! You can have all this and so much more. Release is not just another diet or weight loss program. It is a lifestyle program for real and permanent weight loss.

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